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Ealasaid MacDonald, the Labour candidate, will win this seat.  


That became clear at a Saturday’s street stall in the Narrows in Stornoway earlier this month, where passers-by had the opportunity to speak to Ealasaid.


People were approaching us to tell us they were changing their votes from SNP to Labour. Why?  More than a few different reasons were expressed to us: There was anger that Angus Brendan MacNeil continues to ignore the islands; exasperation and weariness with the SNP's focus on another referendum, to the detriment of other governmental duties (It took Nicola Sturgeon 44 days to publish her Bill on a second independence referendum, yet her Mental Health Strategy took 15 months to write); There was anger at Angus Brendan MacNeil’s behaviour, and there were islanders that felt that they were not being represented to the fullest – just take a look at Hansard.


People were coming over to Ealasaid to assure her of their votes. A Tory voter approached us to tell us he intended to vote for Easalaid “so that the Western Isles could have someone to actually put our case.”


People like the fact that she is offering economic ideas and they like Labour's concern for the many.


On a dreich Stornoway morning there was a wind of change.


Cameron Thompson

16 Broadbay View



Letter:  Winds of change

31 May 2017