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A proposal to build an interconnector to the mainland would be scrapped if they abandon their plans.


In a parliamentary debate secured by Northern Isles MP Alistair Carmichael, energy minister Richard Harrington said a decision would be made “very shortly.”


Mr Harrington said he would be discussing the issues with isles’ MP Angus MacNeil next week.

One main factor is not setting too high a subsidy price said the energy minister, to avoid as “any additional costs that arise as a result of awarding support contracts are ultimately paid by households and businesses in their electricity bills.”


Thus “healthy competition to support the best projects and get the best value for the consumer,” is a priority while he recognising that it may take a certain volume of projects to “justify building the all-important” new island-to-mainland link.


Another aspect is ensuring that local communities receive “appropriate benefits” for hosting windfarms.


What is meant by “island wind projects” has also to be defined in a legal context, he added.


Any island subsidy has to be “fair to developers of other projects elsewhere and to consumers across the UK.”



Decision over island windfarms promised “very shortly”

10 July 2017

The UK government has pledged to support island windfarms provided there is a benefit to local communities.


However, it will not come forward with firm proposals until after the conclusion of the current round of contract for difference auctions which determine the level of subsidy for new renewable energy schemes.


The UK government abolished all subsidies for onshore wind farms but indicates it would make an exception for the Scottish islands.

Developers will have to consider the detail of the support level before they decide if it is economically feasible to progress with constructing windfarms on Lewis.