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The recent published list of candidates standing in the Western Isles surprisingly does not show any formal Labour Party members seeking. No doubt there will be a number disingenuous party members and associates standing as independents. If history repeats itself, they will steer the council in an unnecessary anti-Scottish Government direction for political reasons. We only have to look back at the removal of some inter-island flights and their efforts to blame the SNP.


Despite the legacy of Thatcher, excessive austerity cuts and the Brexit fiasco the Conservative Party are prepared to stand by their convictions and field official candidates. Has the Labour Party fallen so low that the members are frightened to be associated with their party?


Is the Labour brand become so toxic that individual members believe their chances of being elected are better if they adopt a disingenuous stance and disassociate themselves from their party?


Calling themselves independents, only detracts and brings into question the true genuine independent candidates like Angus Morrison.


If party members are not prepared to openly stand by their principles and try to disguise them, their intent must be questioned. Anyone in this situation who values their credibility would declare their interest and provide a reason for not standing on their party ticket.


Archie Harper

27 Shulishader

Isle of Lewis



Letter:  Where’s Labour?

4 April 2017