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The English NHS is on its knees almost out of control and ripe for privatisation, Scotland's NHS would be in the same mess if it was not for the Scottish Government spending 40% of its annual budget on health.


The reason that Scottish fishing is in the current mess is down to the Conservative's trading it off to the EU. The last thing local fishermen would need would be more Tories getting involved. It is being hinted from Westminster that Scottish fishing will be used as a bargaining chip come post Brexit.


Mr Macdonald mentions supporting crofting, maybe he can tell us how the Conservatives will sustain EU grants over the next 20 years ?


What surprises me is that Mr Macdonald has concentrated on the issues where his party has not only made Scotland suffer but the whole of the UK. Like many others, I fail to understand what he would bring to the council if elected. Being a Conservative, he would be the true face of austerity and cuts if ever elected.


Where does Don Macdonald and his local party colleagues stand with respect to the dreadful rape clause?

Archie Harper

27 Shulishader

Isle of Lewis


Letter: Westminster is the real culprit

26  April 2017



The election address from the Conservative candidate for Point, Don Macdonald, reflects someone way out of their depth or someone who is trying to mislead us.


The candidate is fully aware that the Conservatives have cut subsidies for new build wind farms, placing the £35m net profit and viability into question. He also fails to say much about his party's support of a new interconnector. Why ?


The Conservatives have savaged welfare budgets, drastically across the UK, punishing the most vulnerable. He blames Holyrood for cuts, when the real culprits are the Westminster Tories, the only common denominator across the UK. The Scottish government cannot be blamed for fuel poverty and carer budgets across the UK.