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Comhairle nan Eilean Siar has been urged to reinstate the waiting room facilities for bus passengers in Tarbert.


The council removed all but two of the seats within the premises which means people have to stand.


Over 250 Harris residents have signed a petition, asking

for the facilities to be reinstated.


The petition has been lodged with MSP Alasdair Allan who has called on the council to provide proper seating.


Alasdair Allan commented: “I have highlighted this issue with the council several times in recent weeks.


“Many elderly people use this area to wait for buses, often for more than an hour, and I do not believe it is unreasonable to ask that they are able to do so with a basic degree of comfort; especially in the colder winter months.


“While the council maintain this is not a bus waiting area, it was previously used as this and continues to be used as this by locals as since there is nowhere else in the immediate vicinity.


“There is a clear strength of feeling from local residents that they want the waiting area reinstated. The fact this petition was able to raise more than 250 signatures in a matter of weeks is ample evidence of this. I hope the council will listen to these appeals.”


A council spokesman said the benches were removed and replaced by a couple of fold-down seats afer episodes of unsociable behaviour and damage to the property,


He added: “There are still behaviour issues which can discourage members of the public from using the public conveniences, which is the primary purpose of the building.


“Whilst there are no plans for development or refurbishment of the building at present, the comhairle has noted the request for the provision of waiting facilities in Tarbert, and will discuss these with other providers of services in the area and with the community council.”


Council urged to provide seats in bus waiting room

20 January 2017