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Violent attack sends shock waves through community

14 February 2017

Police Scotland said it acknowledges the prison sentence received by islander, Darren Stewart, for violent offences, including assaulting a family member and two police officers on Lewis.


The 31-year-old unleashed a gratuitous frenzy of violence against a male and female constable who responded to a 999 call after he assaulted his wife.


Initially, Stewart pleaded not guilty to the attacks and faced a trial by jury.


But he then pleaded to amended or reduced charges and Sheriff David Sutherland imposed a three year jail when the case called at Stornoway Sheriff Court.


Western Isles’ area police inspector, Roddy Mackay, said: “This was a truly shocking incident which began as a domestic assault and escalated to a violent and sustained attack on two police officers who were attempting to carry out their duty of protecting others.

“Acts of violence have no place in society and although incidents of this nature are fortunately rare in the Western Isles, it understandably sent shock waves through local and police communities.”


He said the three year sentence reflects the “gravity of this incident and the clear message that such behaviour will be not be tolerated.”


In April last year, Stewart, originally from Stornoway, punched one officer repeatedly on the face, knocked him to the ground and hit his head off the wooden floor a number of times.


He attacked the other constable in a similar way before pulling a knife on one of them, thrusting the blade at him.


The male officer received cuts to his hand trying to defend himself.


Both were injured and off work for some time following the traumatic experience.