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Stornoway Sheriff Court was told the accused phoned 999 on the evening of Thursday 28 April last year to say he had hit his wife.


Officers went to his house at Carnan Park, Shawbost, on the west side of Lewis where Stewart was “immediately aggressive” when told he was being detained, said procurator fiscal, Karen Smith.


He took off his T-shirt and challenged the police to fight.


Using the spray seem to calm him down and he held out his hands as if inviting the police to handcuff him.


But he lunged at the male constable, punching his face repeatedly with both fists, knocking him down, straddling him and hitting his head off the floor many times, said the fiscal.


The female officer sprayed more of the irritant liquid on Stewart but with no effect, and he continued punching her colleague on the head, the court heard.


Stewart then forced the female officer to the ground, punching her time after time before jumping on top of her and repeatedly smacking her head against the wooden floor.


She is in a “vulnerable” situation with Stewart straddling her while continuing the assault despite the other officer trying to remove him, said the fiscal.


Stewart produces a knife he had on him and thrusts it at the male officer who, trying to defend himself, grabs the blade which cuts his own hand.


The female constable manages to get a handcuff on Stewart who is pulled to the floor before leg restraints are applied, said Ms Smith.


When eventually arrested, Stewart claimed he “deliberately called the police to his house to attack them,” said the fiscal.


Both officers were injured and off work for “some considerable time” following the “traumatic experience,” she added.


Solicitor Luke O’ Curry insisted “malice or forethought” was not part of Stewart’s behaviour.


He wanted the police to take him away from the house in case the situation with his wife escalated but had drank alcohol, he added.


Imposing a three year prison sentence, Sheriff David Sutherland said: “There is no way the courts can tolerate an assault like this, particularly by someone under the influence of alcohol and with young children in the premises.”


He added: “Police were called by yourself and they have a duty to attend and they must be offered the protection of the courts.”


Islander pulled knife on police officer during vicious attack

12 February 2017

Two police officers were violently attacked when they were called out to an incident when a woman was assaulted, a court was told.


Darren Stewart pulled an eight inch long knife on one constable who cut his hand defending himself, it was said.


Stewart went berserk when police used a pava "incapacitant" spray - a form of pepper spray - on him.


The 31-year-old has been jailed for three years after pleading guilty to assaulting his wife and the police officers.