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Extra buses on Ullapool ferry run over Easter

3 April 2017

Citylink is laying on extra buses on the busy Ullapool - Inverness service to cope with additional demand from Stornoway ferry travellers over Easter.


Travellers using the Stornoway ferry regularly complain about being left behind. Numerous foot passengers have been caught out just turning up without a ticket on the twice daily service.


Highlands and Islands Labour MSP, Rhoda Grant, contacted Citylink and Cal Mac regarding the ongoing issue.


The MSP said: “This is a serious issue that has left many passengers stranded in either Ullapool or Inverness or left people having to try and car share or pay expensive taxi fares on what is after all a lifeline ferry service.


She added: “I was made aware over the weekend of difficulties being experienced by those travelling for the Easter holidays and immediately contacted Citylink again today. I am pleased to be informed by them that they have put in emergency contingencies on some sailings over the coming week.


City have put additional seats / extra bus onto the system to cover:

04 April - 09:50  Ullapool – Inverness
04 April - 15:00  Inverness – Ullapool
05 April - 09:50  Ullapool – Inverness
06 April - 15:00  Inverness – Ullapool
07 April - 15:00  Inverness – Ullapool
10 April - 15:00  Inverness - Ullapool

Citylink’s operation manager, Peter Knight, said: “I have personally had a look at the booking system and this keeps everything open and bookable for the next 10 days at the moment.


“I would also point out that some departures will therefore have tree vehicles on them as a result of our latest intervention.”


Rhoda Grant met Mr Knight over the issue in February and has a follow up meeting scheduled later this month, with the hope that Cal Mac will also attend.