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A female entrepreneur has been awarded £25,000 to to boost a social business in the Western Isles.

The latest round of funding from the Social Entrepreneurs Fund will help a textile enterprise support community regeneration.

The funding will provide Dana MacPhee of Uist Wool with a year’s salary as she focuses on making the project a sustainable trading enterprise.

The Uist Wool mill spins local and other fleece into desirable, unusual yarns to supply weavers, craftspeople, and visitors alike.

Their aim is to revitalise this traditional island industry through creating employment, training and workspace using a local asset - wool.

Uist Wool has recently constructed the a wool centre where skills, ideas, design and inspiration are shared by young and old, novices and experts, islanders and visitors alike, through training programmes, workshops and education.

Over the next 12 months, the mill hopes to move the company into a successful trading position through active marketing and retail positioning in the UK and overseas.

The awards were delivered by Firstport, Scotland’s start-up social enterprise development agency, to help the business generate profits to re-invest in the mill.



Uist Wool mill awarded development funding

23 May 2017