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“Uist Asco is a superb example of the strong and deep Scottish tradition of seaweed harvesting on the island.  I would like to acknowledge the achievements of Raghnall Maclain, who, with the support of his family, has brought Uist Asco to this stage of development.

“ We are very much looking forward to continuing this time-honoured tradition by sharing our technologies, expertise and making the investments necessary to address any challenges to ensure the local seaweed industry prospers.”  

Acadian Seaplants said the takeover gives it a greater presence in Europe, further complementing its operation in Kilkieran, Ireland.  

“There will be tremendous synergies and sharing of personnel and expertise between the two European and Canadian operations,” said the firm.

Raghnall MacIain of Uist Asco said: “We are very pleased with the level of investment that Acadian Seaplants brings to Uist Asco and their support for the harvesting industry in North Uist.  

“We look forward to growth of both the company operations and the local seaweed industry.”   

Acadian Seaplants Limited, based in Nova Scotia, Canada, is a global, bio-tech company and the largest independent manufacturer of marine plant products of its type in the world.  

It is engaged primarily in the sustainable harvesting of wild seaweeds, in the development of technologies to process these renewable resources into value-added finished products and in the cultivation and processing of unique seaweeds, from the world’s largest land based, commercial seaweed cultivation system.    

The company produces products for global food and agricultural industries.  Its value added products are sold into health, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, food, brewery and cosmetic markets; its agricultural business includes specialized animal feeds and crop biostimulants and nutritional products.

Ninety-five percent of its products are exported to over 80 countries.

Canadian firm takes over Uist seaweed processor

12 June 2017

North Uist seaweed processor, Uist Asco, has been taken over by a Canadian company.

Acadian Seaplants - which acquired the island firm for an undisclosed sum - said the move would boost the local seaweed industry.

Uist Asco specializes in the harvesting and processing of Ascophyllum nodosum and has been operating for four years.  

Jean-Paul Deveau of Acadian Seaplants said: “This region of Scotland has a long and proud history of harvesting seaweed and creating jobs and economic growth from this renewable resource.