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If Donald J Morrison (Letters 2 March) is representative of Christian love, tolerance and respect for others in the Outer Hebrides, then I despair.


Everyone is entitled in this country to enjoy Sunday however they choose. If people choose to do so by Sabbath observance, that's fine and they should be able to do so undisturbed. But a similar courtesy should be extended to those who exercise their free choice to do something different. Respect and tolerance are two-way streets.


Presenting the case for Sunday games in a 1933 pamphlet, the Rt Hon Lord Snell of Plumstead CBE wrote: "Religious-minded people have diverted Sunday from its proper use and made it a dark day, a time of prolonged and unnatural solemnity against which the normal boy or girl instinctively rebels. While the parks may not be used by the young for the exercise that would keep them clean in mind and body, the public houses are open to them for the acquirement of habits that may afflict both them and the community."


Some eight decades later, I wonder if Stornoway's public houses open on the Sabbath?


Alistair McBay

National Secular Society

5 Atholl Crescent





Letter: Two way streets

3 March 2018