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Two vehicles crashed and spun round with one hitting a third vehicle, Stornoway Sheriff Court was told.


Mary Macleod of Geshader, Uig, Lewis, was fined £200 with three penalty points when she admitted careless driving.


Lawyer Angus Macdonald highlighted: “As a born and bred Bacach (native from the Back district) I know this locus very well.”


On one approach a steep hill has a 40mph limit but no signs to indicate the hazards of three nearby junctions at Upper Coll, he pointed out.


“More than one accident” occurred at the same spot recently, he added.   


As his client drove out from a commercial garage “she looks, goes into gear, moves out and hit a vehicle,” he explained.


He suggested cars on the main road often break the speed limit in that stretch of carriageway so there may have a degree of fault on the other driver.

All three vehicles were damaged


Traffic collision

23 April 2017