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In his letter of 13 September under ‘Live and let live’ it is quite evident that Cameron Thompson has little understanding of Biblical truths in their proper context.

As for his his ranting and raving in favour of the Stornoway mosque, can I refer him to my letter, in which he can clearly read why this project should not have been given planning permission.


In his letter, Mr. Thompson claims that ‘the Bible, or at least the Old Testament, advocates slavery, rape, the killing of children, and worse.’ No, it certainly doesn’t. Sadly, many people, often inaccurately cite the Bible (ie. without paying enough attention to the context) with a slant on many verses which shows an agenda, and not an understanding of the text.

Yes, the Bible records slavery, the killing of children and several rapes, but it ALWAYS condemns (never condones) these things. The Bible records many things that God condemns. The distinction here is between prescriptive material and descriptive material. In other words, the Bible describes all kinds of immoral things (ie. rape, incest, murder, deception, betrayal). But that does not mean that the Bible prescribes them. The Bible does not prescribe these things (rape, killing of children etc) as things that should be practiced. God always condemns such actions.


If we were to follow a person’s logic, based on what Mr Thompson says against what the Bible teaches, then the nightly news broadcast would be evil because it informs us of that day’s crimes.


And yes, there was violence in the Old Testament, but there would be consequences for those who were guilty. God told tribes that they would be judged and destroyed if they didn’t repent of things like child sacrifice, sex with animals, rape, human injustices, oppression, etc. When these people refused to repent, God demonstrated His justice on them, but not before giving them a chance to repent.


The Bible reminds us that God’s justice demands judgment upon us, but His great love led Him to make the ultimate sacrifice for that we might have life that shall never end. This is the life that is worth living, and it begins when we repent and believe the gospel. Like the apostle Paul, our hope and prayer for Mr Thompson is that he too will come to testify, 'I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.'


Donald J Morrison

85 Old Edinburgh Road




Letter: Taking the Bible out of context

20 Sept 2017