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Tagsa Uibhist wishes to update our head office IT network. All suppliers are invited to respond.   

Tagsa Uibhist (Uist Support) is a locally managed voluntary organisation based in Balivanich on the Isle of Benbecula. Our requirement is to obtain an IT network that meets the needs of ten staff in our East Camp offices.

This includes:

The contract will be for an initial period of 3 years with an option to extend for further years in annual increments.


1.1 Contracting Authority

The contracting authority is Tagsa Uibhist.



2.1 Clarifications to the requirements

Each bidder will be provided with clarification of the requirements on request.

Bidders should send requests for clarification to

Where issues of clarification arise which are relevant to more than one candidate all bidders will be notified.  

Any clarification request should be submitted by no later than the date given in the timetable in section 2.2


2.2 Timetable


Activity Date

The steps and timetable for this procurement are as follows:


Activity Date











Tagsa Uibhist reserves the right to vary this timetable if the need arises.

Tagsa Uibhist reserves the right not to award a contract.

Tenders will be expected to remain valid for six months after tender submission.



3.1 Evaluation

The contract will be awarded on the basis of the offers that provide a robust, straight forward solution and are economically advantageous.  


3.2 Delivery of tenders

Responses to this ITT should be e-mailed to

The deadline for responses is given in the timetable in section 2.2

A response submitted after the deadline will not be considered.


MR1............The bidder shall indicate that it will accept the agreement included with this ITT without amendment.


MR1............The bidder shall provide a copy of its terms and condition.



Tagsa Uibhist requires the provision of a networked IT system to cover 10 users in various offices and buildings in the Tagsa Uibhist East camp base. This includes:

Bidders are reminded that Tagsa Uibhist is a charity. We are looking for a robust and simple cost effective solution.



All charges to Tagsa Uibhist must be included in this response. Any charges not included here will be deemed to have been waived.  You should include any capital cost, service charges, future upgrade costs.



If the bidder considers that any information supplied in its response is either commercially sensitive or confidential in nature, this must be clearly marked and the reasons for the sensitivity given.

In such cases, the relevant material will, in respect of any request for information made by a third party be examined in the light of the exemptions provided in the FOIA.  However, by virtue of its submission of a response to this ITT, the supplier accepts that the decision as to whether to disclose such marked parts of the submission will rest solely with Tagsa Uibhist.




This document and the information it contains are provided solely for the purpose of allowing potential bidders to provide a tender for the services being procured


Tagsa Uibhist:  IT hardware supply & support requirement


Invitation to Tender



Invitation to Tender issued

27 September 2017

Final date for clarifications

09 October 2017

Closing date for tenders

16 October 2017

Selection of preferred supplier

27 October 2017

Contracts placed by

November 2017

Commence contract

November 2017