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The local branch of DayOne/LDOS has criticised An Lanntair arts centre for pressing ahead with permanent Sunday opening.


An Lanntair said a recent trial run showed “strong demand” with each of the three Sunday cinema screenings “very well attended.”


It now plans to have the whole building operational including the café bar seven days.


The local DayOne/LDOS said: “The most recent statement by An Lanntair in relation to future plans for Sunday openings is very sad and rather predictable.


“It is our view that such proposals fail the community with respect to inclusion, equality and diversity.


“In the context of inclusion, did the trial openings demonstrate that some families missed out on activities that would, or could, otherwise be held on a Saturday, for example?


“Did it cause division, or at the very least, practical difficulties for some families?


“In the context of equality, what are the future employment prospects like at An Lanntair for someone who isn't willing to work on Sunday?


“In the context of diversity, is this aspiration not already being achieved by An Lanntair through a wide range of diverse activities and themes - this latest move only seeks to remove an intrinsic part of the culture that sets the island apart from much of the UK.”

LDOS slams An Lanntair Sunday opening

6 April 2018