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The general observance of the Lord's Day locally is one of the things that makes Lewis and Harris culturally distinctive and attractive today as it is a social feature found virtually no where else in the UK.


Many islanders, including those who are not professing Christians or who don't go to church, value this cultural distinctive and aspect of our island's heritage.


Our view is that An Lanntair, with the local culture at the heart of its remit, should be seen to preserve and promote, wherever possible, this cultural heritage rather than be in the vanguard of undermining it by their opening on that day.


The Lord's Day is a positive day which speaks of a new dawn and the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Our prayer is that more and more people will come to discover, or even rediscover, the spiritual and physical benefits associated with it."

Rev Graeme Craig

Lewis Branch DayOne / LDOS



Letter:  The Lewis Sunday is culturally distinctive

10 January 2018