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I am pleased to see that, after a decade of fence-sitting and mixed messages, Alasdair Allan MSP has finally decided that he is in favour of an interconnector and, presumably, the scale of power generation which would justify it.

Mr Allan will be aware that this project would cost at least £600 million and that this very significant funding would come from consumers throughout the United Kingdom. Can he therefore reply to two straightforward questions?

Does Mr Allan believe that the interconnector is more or less likely ever to be built if his party calls for a second independence referendum with the aim of breaking up the United Kingdom into separate states, each with its own economic priorities? Why, in these circumstances, would it be reasonable to expect consumers in London to fund an interconnector for Lewis?


I hope that Mr Allan feels competent to answer these questions in person. Failure to do so will be open to the obvious interpretation.


Ada Campbell

Druim Dubh,


Isle of North Uist


Letter:  Sub-sea cable questions for the MSP

12 March 2017