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Letter:  Labour “abandoned” Western Isles sub-sea cable

14 March 2017



I thought the letter from Ada Campbell was hilarious and worthy of recognition for a comedy show award. The Labour Party stalwart's memory is somewhat short. She forgets that the Labour Party abandoned the Western Isles interconnector despite being in power at both Westminster and Holyrood. For much of that time these islands were represented by a Labour MP and MSP who did almost nothing for our community during their time as our representatives.


I would have thought Mrs Campbell would have written to the Tory Westminster Government with her demands, as her party works hand and glove with the Conservatives.


Both the Conservatives and Labour Parties share election platforms and waltz through the lobbies of Westminster together to impose poverty policies upon the most vulnerable in our society. No doubt Labour will demand that Scottish taxes are increased to pay for the interconnector.


Archie Harper

27 Shulishader


Isle of Lewis