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Full list of Stornoway Trust candidates and proposers


A large number of islanders have thrown their hats into the ring for the Stornoway Trust election.

Some 22 candidates are fighting for just five seats at the community landlord.

The election will be held on Tuesday 27 March.

People who are 16 years or over, on the electoral roll and living within the trust area are entitled to vote.

The ballot is being overseen by the Electoral Reform Services.

Nearly half the population of the Western Isles population live on the estate which stretches between North Tolsta, Newmarket, Point and part of North Lochs.

It also covers Stornoway, making it the only community landlord with a sizeable town under its wings.

Around 10,500 ballot slips being posted out shortly should be returned by noon on election day.

A ballot box will be available in the estate office in Stornoway town centre between 8am and 8pm on 27 March.

The count takes place in Stornoway Town Hall later that evening.


List of candidates

George Banks, 12 Battery Park Rd, Stornoway

Murdo F Campbell, 11A Portnaguran, Point

Sam Deane, 2 Plantation Rd, Stornoway

Peter Dickie, 3A Maryhill

Susanne Erbida, 27 Torquil Terrace, Stornoway

Martin Flett, 18 New Garrabost, Point

Jack Libby, 17 Lower Sandwick

Anne Macaulay, 55 Upper Bayble, Point

Alex K Macdonald, 32 Garrabost, Point

John N Macdonald, 27 Upper Bayble, Point

Kenneth A Macdonald, 3 Upper Coll, Back

Norman A Maciver, 2A Back

Alan Mackenzie, 9C Branahuie

Edward Mackenzie, 2 Maclean Terrace, Stornoway

Andrew Maclennan, 10 Tong Park, Tong

Donald Alexander Macleod, 9 Goathill Crescent, Stornoway

Hugh A Macleod, 11 Aird, Tong

Callum Ian Macmillan, 8 Lewis St, Stornoway

John Morrison, 8 Lister Place, Stornoway

Catriona Murray, 40 North Tolsta

Alasdair Nicholson, 24 Back

Donald Nicholson, 28A East Street, Sandwick


Full list of Stornoway Trust candidates and proposers

22 hopefuls running in Stornoway Trust election

13 March 2018

The Stornoway Trust is a community landlord for many crofting villages