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George Banks, 12 Battery Park Rd, Stornoway


Murdo F Campbell, 11A Portnaguran, Point


Sam Deane, 2 Plantation Rd, Stornoway


Peter Dickie, 3A Maryhill


Susanne Erbida, 27 Torquil Terrace, Stornoway


Martin Flett, 18 New Garrabost, Point


Jack Libby, 17 Lower Sandwick


Anne Macaulay, 55 Upper Bayble, Point


Alex K Macdonald, 32 Garrabost, Point


John N Macdonald, 27 Upper Bayble, Point


Kenneth A Macdonald, 3 Upper Coll, Back


Norman A Maciver, 2A Back


Alan Mackenzie, 9C Branahuie


Edward Mackenzie, 2 Maclean Terrace


Andrew Maclennan, 10 Tong Park, Tong


Donald Alexander Macleod, 9 Goathill Crescent


Hugh A Macleod, 11 Aird, Tong


Callum Ian Macmillan, 8 Lewis St, Stornoway


John Morrison, 8 Lister Place, Stornoway


Catriona Murray, 40 North Tolsta


Alasdair Nicholson, 24 Back


Donald Nicholson, 28A East Street, Sandwick














































Stornoway Trust election - voting breakdown

28 March 2018

Twenty two people contested the Stornoway Trust election with only five being successful. Some 9999 ballot papers were sent out with 4261 slips returned.

Turnout was 42.6%. There were nine spoilt ballot papers.

The newly elected trustees for the Stornoway Trust are: Murdo F Campbell, Norman A Maciver, Donald “Dickie” Macleod, Catriona Murray and Donald Nicholson.

Number of votes