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The SNP group of councillors are once again calling on the comhairle to prioritise Stornoway Primary for urgent improvements.


Cllr John Mitchell, education spokesperson for the group, was invited to visit the school by parents.


Cllr Mitchell, who has more than 40 years of experience working in the education system, believes the facilities were inadequate for a school with over 600 pupils.


He said: “My conclusion is that – for the numbers attending – this school is inadequate in a number of key areas and, despite the very best efforts of the management and staff of the school, the above serious shortcomings must have a significantly negative effect on pupils and staff alike.”


He highlighted the inadequate size of the gym; the lack of changing facilities; unsuitable teaching areas; and the waterlogged playing fields.


Mr Mitchell accepted the council faced “stringent” financial pressures but urged more focus to make improvements at the school.

A council spokesman said: “At the December series of meetings, the comhairle agreed that consideration of capital investment at Stornoway Primary School be considered when determining the balance of unallocated capital funds.

“Facilities have improved in Stornoway Primary as they have across the entire school estate.


“Stornoway Primary has all the resources and building facilities to meet both teaching and pupil needs.


“The school estate investment plan and criteria used to undertake work is transparent and been approved by all members including the SNP Group.”


Concerns over state of Stornoway Primary

31 January 2018