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The Stornoway mosque aims to open its doors next month, in time for Ramadan.


Renovation work on the building is now underway after a fundraising appeal passed its target.


Construction costs of converting a derelict building in Stornoway town centre is estimated to be around the £50,000 mark.


The additional funds will be held in reserved for future running costs.


Muslims from across the world donated to the fund.












Six Syrian refugee families and local Muslims presently use cramped accommodation for communal prayers.


But they have nowhere to hold funeral services nor a suitable space for family members to follow the Islamic rites of washing the deceased.


The former residential house, latterly used a store, has been gutted out and the hard work in refurbishing the premises is moving on.


A new electrical supply has been installed and a concrete floor has been laid. Roof timbers are being renewed and will be slated.














When completed the mosque will have a prayer room and a meeting space on the ground floor.


Stornoway resident Mohammed Ahmed said the local Asian community waited 20 years to see the mosque development finally happen.


He said: “We got the building but had no money. When we came to building it we ran out of planning permission so had to start the planning process again.”


A volunteer builder came up from the mainland to assist with clearing the site but “we were still struggling.”


But he put them in touch with Aihtsham Rashid from Leeds who “got the next flight up here” and threw himself wholeheartedly into the project.


Since his arrival “the ball is rolling super fast” said Mr Ahmed.


“We aim to be completed and be in by Ramadan,” he added.


He highlighted: “We are happy at having this facility. We have a lot support locally. “We’ve practice our religion since we came here and I don’t see anything wrong with that.”


Aihtsham Rashid who runs a construction business in Yorkshire and specialises in building mosques also launched the set up the online crowdsourcing campaign.


Mr Rashid said: “This is an absolutely fantastic opportunity for the residents of Stornoway regardless of their faith or colour.”


The crowd funding campaign has “gathered momentum.”


“I’ve been told its probably the fastest rate of money coming in they’ve had on the JustGiving page.


“People are donating from all over the world - South Africa, America, Dubai, Pakistan - anywhere and everywhere which is really good.”


The mosque would be used mainly for afternoon prayers for about an hour on Fridays which is the main day for the Muslim community.


It would also be used during the month of Ramadan and holy festivals.




Stornoway mosque aims to open next month

8 April 2018

A derelict property is being converted

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