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It truly beggars belief to read of planning permission being granted for a new mosque in Stornoway, the first in the Western Isles. How things have changed in the Hebridean capital.


What a tragedy when dopey politicians at national and at local level forget that this is a Christian country. It was the coming of Christianity to Scotland that moulded her into a great nation.


The evidence is there in history for everyone to see. Our systems of education, individual freedom, law, government and many more are based on Christian beliefs and values.

In the 1960s when immigrants, from Islamic countries, began pouring into Britain they did their best to assimilate into the majority culture and become as British as fast as they could. They knew better than to ask the politicians of the day if they could accommodate all their religious cravings. How different things are in 2017.


Sadly, there is such a fear of radical Islam that the truth of the Bible does not seem to count with people any more. The Word of God that wrought such a transformation in Scotland 500 years ago, declares that there is one living and true God in three Persons, and one Mediator between God and man, the Lord Jesus Christ, without whom no one can be saved. Muslims are taught from the Quran that there is Allah, a solitary god, revealed to Muhammed, to whom they are to submit.


Since 1400 years ago, Islamic extremism has been responsible for over half the world's religious wars.


Islamic extremists commit deadly acts of terror, see violence as a means of propagating their agenda and will stop at nothing but global conquest.


In many countries dominated by Islam, Christians are being ruthlessly persecuted and even killed. No tolerance is granted to Christians to build churches and have religious liberty in many of these lands.


In Stornoway, the main issue of concern raised was…wait for it…parking. It is high time that the people of Lewis were aroused from their spiritual slumber. We sincerely hope that additional parking problems will arise so that this mosque project will never see the light of day.


Donald J Morrison

85 Old Edinburgh Road




Letter:  Opposition to Stornoway mosque

18 Sept 2017