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MSP Alasdair Allan has recorded an introduction for a new digital recreation of St Kilda.


St Kilda has painstaking recreated on the best-selling videogame Minecraft as part of Scotland-wide World Heritage Day celebrations.


This will give gamers the opportunity to explore the archipelago with ever having to step foot there. It will also form part of the learning resources available in both English and Gaelic to Scotland’s schools.

Isles MSP in St Kilda Minecraft project

28 April 2017

The map features abandoned houses and boats and will cover six stories, ranging from a kidnapped and incarcerated noblewoman to an archaeological dig.


Players will be able to travel from site to site and “unlock” these tales, voiced by volunteers such as Alasdair Allan.


Mr Allan admitted not being the “most avid” Minecraft gamer but was impressed at the accuracy the game created a digital St Kilda.


He said: “This project offers an excellent opportunity for people of all ages around Scotland to learn more about St. Kilda and discover remote and difficult to access parts of our country through technology and digital engagement.


“St Kilda is a vitally important part of our island heritage and it’s great to see such innovative ways of allowing people to share in it.”