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SNP MP, Angus Brendan MacNeil, has welcomed the introduction of St Andrew’s First Aid Volunteers in the islands to cover local events.


Last year the British Red Cross took the decision to withdraw from providing first aid at community events in the Western Isles.


Now with the help of St Andrew’s First Aid, volunteers are now able to continue to provide this service.

Launch of St Andrew’s First Aid in islands

28  April 2017

Angus MacNeil MP with first aid volunteer, John Murdo Macdonald.


Mr MacNeil said: “I am pleased that St Andrew’s First Aid has stepped in to provide event First Aid, free community demonstrations, and, potentially emergency response, in the Western Isles.


“I and my constituency staff are pleased and proud to have supported and assisted volunteers in transition from the Red Cross to St Andrew’s ensuring that this important service continues.


“It is great that we now have St Andrew’s First Aid volunteers in the Western Isles who willingly give up their time and I wish them the very best as they continue to provide this vital service.”