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The comhairle has agreed to put the cafe at the Lewis Sports Centre out to tender.


Mounting losses at the council-run facility means it is set to shut at the end of this month


The council has agreed to a request by councillors Charlie Nicolson and Alastair Maclennan to seek a new operator.


The café will be advertised as a franchise opportunity.


If that is unsuccessful a vending service for snacks and hot drinks will be put in place.

The café has been running at a loss since the council took it over in 2011.  

A £20,000 short fall is expected this financial year.

The total loss over the past six years stands at £102,000.

The comhairle’s development committee heard two private operators ran the business before the council stepped into keep it going.

A report by Louise Laing, the council’s trading operations’ manager, said: “Despite the continued efforts of the staff, the business has not been able to break even since opening.  

“Any short fall has been covered by savings made in the other trading operations or by the education and children’s services department budget.”  

Search for new operator to reopen sports centre cafe

18 March 2017