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A motorcyclist has admitted speeding at 113 mph on the the Bràighe road in Point, Lewis.


John Murdo Macleod was to stand trial over alleged dangerous driving but his last minute guilty plea to an alternative charge of speeding in a 60mph zone on the Bràighe was accepted at Stornoway Sheriff Court.


Macleod - whose address was given as Milkinghill, Tong, was out for a test drive  after fixing a fuel injection problem on the motorcycle at 1pm on Sunday 23 October the court heard.


Lawyer David Teale said he saw a “clear road and decided to speed up.”


However, he did not spot a police car parked off the roadway.


Police caught up with him on Sandwick Road.


The lawyer urged the sheriff not to disqualify Macleod as his job involves forklift driving on the public road.


In addition, it would be “impossible” for him to travel by to work weekend shifts on the other side of the island and “zero possibility” of getting a lift.”


Imposing a three month ban and a £600 fine, Sheriff David Sutherland said driving at almost twice the limit was an “extremely serious case by any stretch of the imagination.”


113 mph speedster loses licence

21 Sept 2017