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Angus Macneil has been endorsed as the SNP’s Western Isles candidate to fight the general election.

The sitting MP will defend his seat in the UK ballot set for June 8.

Six political parties plan to contest the election in the islands including Scottish Labour which criticised Mr MacNeil for not taking part in a parliamentary vote required to approve the election.

The local branch said: “Disappointing that our MP didn't vote for the opportunity to remove a Tory government.”

They claimed he put “self interest above our islands.”

Theresa May’s announcement for a snap election caught all parties by surprise, leaving insufficient time to allow the normal local branch selection process to take place before the nominations deadline on 11 May.

Labour is using a fast-track procedure to have candidates in place next week.

The local Conservatives plan to announce their choice around Thursday or Friday.

John Cormack of the Scottish Christian Party said they intend to contest the ballot and “discussions are ongoing” over a possible candidate.

Lib Dems may wait longer to firm up their plans.



SNP confirms Western Isles general election candidate

22 April 2017