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MP Angus MacNeil said he hopes to be selected as a candidate to defend Western Isles seat for the SNP in the snap general election.


Though many in opposition insist there is no demand nor need for a general election, rival political parties are expected to acquiesce to Theresa May’s decision to hold a ballot on June 8.


Angus MacNeil, criticised the Prime Minister’s “panicked announcement.”


He said she will fail to get a deal on trade with Europe.


For the Western Isles that means crofters face a 20% tariff on exports of lambs to Europe while the price of Hebridean fish and shellfish across the channel would rise by 12%.


Mr MacNeil said: “She is doing this so she doesn’t have to face the public after Brexit negotiations when she has nothing, so she is cutting and running now.


“We have to put Scotland’s interests first at this election.


“Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, in fact the rest of the world, are watching to see what sort of country Scotland is.


“There is chaos and a lack of strategy at Westminster especially after triggering Article 50 then calling a general election, this should definitely have been the other way around.


“We can do much better and the world is watching to see if we can have the courage and confidence to govern ourselves and become an independent Scotland.”


Prime Minister is “cutting and running,” says Macneil

19 April 2017