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Coastguard rescue helicopters have been stopped from flying to undergo a special safety inspection following an incident with a Sikorsky S-92 on an oil rig.

The helicopter - the same type as the Stornoway coastguard aircraft - spun around and reportedly left gouge marks on the helideck after an emergency landing on the West Franklin platform in the North Sea two weeks ago.

Sikorsky S92s across the world were recalled today.

Flights were permitted to resume after one-off inspections of the tail rotor and bearing assemblies.

The mandatory safety checks were due to take around 11 hours.

From then on, there will be a “recurring inspection on a continual basis,” said the manufacturer.

Sikorsky said it was seeking to “determine the root cause of the loss of tail rotor authority in the rig landing incident.”

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency said it expected “affected bases to return to service throughout the day.”



Coastguard rescue helicopter flights stopped over safety concerns  

10 January 2017