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The size of crabs and lobsters being caught by fishermen are being increased to conserve stocks.

New conservation measures for shellfish have been announced by Fisheries Secretary, Fergus Ewing.

Following a consultation, the Scottish Government will introduce landing controls intended to improve the sustainability and management of Scotland’s crab and lobster fisheries.

The minimum landing sizes for crab and lobster will be increased for brown crab, velvet crab, and west coast lobsters.

Additionally, the maximum landing size of female lobster will be decreased to 145 mm while there will be a ban on catching egg bearing velvet crabs.

The new measures are expected to come into force later in the year.

Fergus Ewing said: “Scottish crab and lobster are an important part of the rural economy, fished by almost 1,400 creel vessels around the coast. Landings were worth £26.8 million to the economy in 2015, helping to support many remote communities.

“These new measures are a forward step in achieving the vision set out in our Inshore Fisheries Strategy and will contribute to developing a more sustainable, profitable and well-managed inshore fisheries sector in Scotland.”

New landing controls for crab and lobster

22 January 2017