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MP Angus MacNeil has been contacted by over 40 constituents who say they have been denied access to Scottish Gas’ cheapest advertised tariff, in the ongoing situation between the utility company and its island customers.


Last month, following a complaint by local resident, - Derek McPherson of Fernlea Guesthouse, Stornoway - Mr MacNeil revealed that he had evidence that island LPG customers were being denied access to advertised tariffs enjoyed by mainland customers.


Scottish Gas now admits that Mr McPherson’s failure to access such tariffs may not, as it originally claimed, be an isolated case.


In a letter to Mr MacNeil, Scottish Gas has conceded that its call-handlers may have given the wrong advice to island customers regarding these advertised tariffs.


However, the company is accepting responsibility for the increasing number of island customers who have been refused access to its most economic tariffs.


Ofgem is continuing to investigate the matter.


Derek McPherson has highlighted the issue during his campaign as a council election candidate.


Angus MacNeil was “inundated by calls” from islanders and called upon Scottish Gas to address this situation “as a matter of urgency.”.


“I am pleased that the company is now looking into the individual cases I have brought to its attention and I look forward to seeing a positive outcome for my constituents.


“I am, and will remain in close contact with Scottish Gas regarding individual cases – including Mr McPherson’s – and I have asked for clarity on a number of comments made by the company, particularly its assertion that Mr McPherson was ‘given incorrect information over the phone.’


“In fact Mr McPherson was provided with this incorrect information in writing and on more than one occasion. It was these written responses to Mr McPherson’s demands to access one of the company’s advertised deals which led to Ofgem’s involvement in this matter.


Mr MacNeil said the issue has “wider implications” as many Stornoway families -  many of whom struggle with fuel poverty -  are likely to have been disadvantaged by Scottish Gas’ incorrect information.


Scottish Gas claims 350 of the 1,538 LPG customers in Stornoway have switched to a ‘different tariff,’ he said.


The MP wants the the utility firm to reveal how many did so phone and how many by online applications.


If it transpires that customers who did switch, did so by online application this would have “very serious implications” for those to whom online commerce is not an option, he said.


“And that would include many of my elderly constituents.


“There remain important outstanding issues regarding this matter, and I look forward to a full and positive response from both Scottish Gas and Ofgem.”


Over 40 islanders raise issues over Scottish Gas tariffs

25  April 2017

Angus Macneil, MP, with Derek McPherson