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Scottish Gas are challenging claims Stornoway households are being overcharged up to £1 million a year by being blocked from switching to cheaper deals.


Scottish Gas suggested the case of an island guest house operator is an isolated error and insist hundreds of islanders have changed to another price structure.


A Scottish Gas spokesman said: “More than 350 of our customers in Stornoway have switched tariff to take advantage of a different deal – so the suggestion that up to a thousand gas customers may have been overcharged by being prevented from switching to cheaper tariffs is not true.


“We write regularly to all Scottish Gas customers telling them if there is a cheaper tariff available, and many take advantage of this to switch.


“Unfortunately our customer Mr McPherson was given the wrong advice when he rang to inquire about a Sainsbury’s Energy tariff.


“We’re in contact with him to discuss a goodwill gesture for the mistake we made in his case, and are reiterating to our call centre teams the correct advice for any Stornoway customers wishing to switch.”  



Scottish Gas deny claims

20 March 2017