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After a time of significant change, this year’s first term at Providence Christian School, Stornoway, has proved to be “most encouraging” for all connected with the School.


Five new pupils have enrolled and a new headteacher, Mark Musty, has been recruited.


The 52-year-old who has a wealth of teaching and management experience spent many years in Devon as well as two spells of teaching on the Falkland Islands.


A recent HMI report said: “Based on the strong Christian ethos of the school community, children are friendly, kind, respectful and helpful to one another.”


In addition to commenting on the diverse range of subjects and experiences embraced within the curriculum, reference was also made to the leadership given by the new headteacher and the school board.


Inspectors said procedures were in place to ensure continued improvements in the quality of education provided.


A school spokesman said: “It is most pleasing to have such a positive report from the inspectors, and testimony to the hard work of all, especially our new headteacher.


“We believe that God’s provision of him indicates a desire that the school will flourish and be a blessing to the whole community.”

Renovation work at the school’s new premises in the Cearns has led to the maximum roll doubling to 32 pupils.


Rev Graeme Craig, secretary of the school board said: “After years of using buildings which were not the most suitable or attractive, it is wonderful to have a building that looks and feels like a school and is most suitable for the purpose.”


An open day at the school is planned.


Glowing report for Christian school

16 Nov 2017