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Fire which wrecked Scalpay factory still burning

30 April 2017

Five fire crews battled the raging blaze for hours at the net washing plant on the island of Scalpay off Harris.


The alarm was raised at 5pm on Friday.


No-one was hurt in the incident as the 14 staff had just ended work for the week and had left the premises.


Scorching heat extensively buckled and mangled the 3,106 m2 metal industrial building.


The local volunteer fire crew from Scalpay were still hosing down the fire today said the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.


Fourteen people are employed at the factory one of its bosses told Hebrides News.


Workers usually knock-off at 4.30pm on a Friday so no-one was inside when the blaze caught hold.


The factory is operated by Net Services Scotland which is ultimately owned by a Norwegian conglomerate.


The new washing facility opened in 2008. Previously, it was run a salmon processing factory but 60 people lost their jobs when it closed in 2005 after operator, Stolt, was taken over by a giant fish farming conglomerate created when Pan Fish merged with the former Marine Harvest.











Scottish Fire & Rescue Service

A fierce fire which wrecked the £4.5 Scalpay factory is still burning today (Sun).