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A Holyrood committee has published a series of concerns about the environmental impacts of salmon farming in Scotland.

The Scottish Parliament’s environment committee claimed the planned expansion of salmon farming over the next 15 years, which aims to grow the industry by 300,000 - 400,000 tonnes, is “unsustainable” and may, without changes in approach, cause "irrecoverable damage."

A MSPs’ report It is ‘deeply concerned’ that the growth of the sector is taking place without a full understanding of the environmental impacts.

The sector is not regulated sufficiently and there significant gaps in data, monitoring and research around the adverse risk the sector poses, said the committee.

A Scottish Salmon Producers' Organisation spokesperson said it will be contributing to the parliament’s rural economy committee’s forthcoming inquiry that will “explore the industry’s potential and how to address challenges in more depth.”

The organisation said farmed salmon is exported globally and is important to Scotland’s economy.

A spokesperson said marine conditions are “changing and bringing new challenges to fish health and environmental management.”

The sector spends around £10 million per year in research and over £50 million in new equipment and techniques to understand and manage health and environmental problems.

“However, we accept that progress must be better demonstrated and we are working with the support of the Scottish Government, SEPA and scientific bodies to make better headway,” they added.

Salmon farming concerns

5 March 2018