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In his letter of 3 March, Mr McBay refers to Lord Snell of Plumstead and what he once said about ‘religious-minded people’ and their use of Sunday. The politician’s comments are not, in the least, surprising as he was not a Bible believing Christian; rather he allied himself with the secularists of the day and their worldly opinions.


Can I remind Mr McBay that there was no-one who had so much ‘love, tolerance and respect’ for others as the Lord Jesus Christ but He too raised His voice, louder than anyone, whenever the Sabbath Day was rebelliously desecrated and defiled. Yes, all the profanations of Sunday He vigorously stood up against, and so will we.


While Mr McBay has occasional skirmishes, over religious issues, with the current occupant of St Peter’s Church in Dundee, he may not be aware of the resolute God-honouring stand that a previous minister of the same church, Robert Murray McCheyne, took in defence of Sabbath observance when he once penned the following words together.


“Lift up a calm, undaunted testimony against all the profanations of the Lord's day. Use all your influence, whether as a statesman, a magistrate, a master, a father, or a friend, both publicly and privately, to defend the entire Lord's day.


“This duty is laid upon you in the Fourth Commandment. Never see the Sabbath broken without reproving the breaker of it. Even worldly men, with all their pride and contempt for us, cannot endure to be convicted of Sabbath-breaking.


“Always remember God and the Bible are on your side, and that you will soon see these men cursing their own sin and folly when too late. Let all God's children in Scotland lift up a united testimony especially against all public profanations of the Lord's day.”


God’s children did exactly this then, and they still do in 2018. Can I also respectfully point out to Mr McBay that genuine Christians don’t show ‘respect and tolerance’ to anyone who is on the wrong street, that would never do for their safety. Instead they seek to point out, with deep concern, their misguided error and mistake, so that they are safely on the one-way street, they should be on, to avoid the dangers.


While life has many two-way streets, only one of these ways lead to heaven and eternal Sabbath rest.


In response to his question, over whether Stornoway's public houses open on the Sabbath - I don’t know. If they do, we hope and pray they will soon all close and that all who frequent them will enter the ‘door of another house’ and drink there as much as they want from the ‘wells of salvation.’



Donald J Morrison

85 Old Edinburgh Road



Letter:  Sabbath should not be rebelliously desecrated

6 March 2018