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Plans have been drawn up to redevelop the former Rodel Hotel.


The property was sold to Anderson Bakewell and his wife Francine Stone in 2016.


The restored complex will be named Rodel House and Sail-loft, serving both residential and commercial use.


A planning application has been submitted to the comhairle.


The plans will be on display in An Clachan, Leverburgh, between 10pm and 1pm on Friday.


Mr Bakewell - the founder of the Isle of Harris Distillery - and his architect will be present.


The site is to be reconfigured, firstly to reinstate the pre-eminence of the house built by Captain Alexander MacLeod about 1782, and secondly to reconstruct the house’s satellite structures in a manner sympathetic to its original character.


These would include the sail loft, as well as the parallel building and the magnificent harbour as illustrated in William Daniell’s famous print of 1819.


When completed Rodel House and its associated buildings will be made available for fully-catered and serviced guest lettings, providing the opportunity of not only exceptionally comfortable retreats and group stays in an unsurpassed setting, but sporting, boating and guided touring as well.


The Sail Loft will operate as a much-needed venue for public and community events such as ceilidhs, recitals, wedding receptions and gatherings.

The walled kitchen garden is set to be brought back into production as a market garden, providing fresh fruits and vegetable to the island.


The harbour will also be given attention, with seawalls and piers repaired.

The new owners believe that the site deserves “sensitive development through a well-conceived design that offers continued enjoyment by the Harris community, visitors to the island and the owners themselves in equal measure.”


They would welcome hearing from people with personal memories of Rodel, as well as any photographs or sketches of the exterior of the House, the Hotel and their surroundings in earlier times.


Plan to redevelop former Rodel Hotel

4 April 2018