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Stornoway police are investigating alleged threats made against the Ness guga hunters.

Using public coin boxes in Bournemouth on the southern coast of England, an anonymous caller contacted various premises in Ness it is believed.

The caller was seeking the squad of men who go fowling for gannet.

He was unable to speak to any of the hunters as they were busy with the cull on the tiny island of Sùlasgeir some 40 miles into the Atlantic.

Animal rights activists regularly condemn the annual cull as “barbaric and inhumane.”

The tone and content of one call on Friday prompted a local to alert police to the matter.

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “A report has been received from a member of the public passing on information relating to the guga hunt.

“Inquiries are ongoing into this information.”

The hunters have a legal licence to harvest 2,000 fowls.

A recent survey showed the wild seabirds on Sùlasgeir are thriving.

Gannet numbers have soared by 22% - nearly a quarter - over the previous nine years.

Police investigate “threats” against guga hunters

31 August 2017