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MP Angus MacNeil plans to fight for the rights of refugee families when he presents a Private Members’ Bill in the House of Commons on Wednesday.


Mr MacNeil was one of 20 MPs drawn in a ballot which allows to bring forward their own piece of legislation.


However, it is likely to be another year before parliament actually debates the issue.


Currently if children come to the UK first then their mother or father cannot later follow them.


If parents arrive beforehand then the children under 18 can join them.


Angus MacNeil said: “This is a cruel and unnecessary bureaucratic step when the aim should be to reunite families who have left very difficult and perhaps war torn situations. They shouldn’t then fall fowl of the choreography of crossing the UK border.


“There should also be legal aid available for refugee families to help them through the difficult system. We should not only be glad that they are alive but do everything in our power to help them to thrive.


“Hopefully my bill will change the law to help people and at the very least it should prick consciences to change bureaucracy.”


Refugee Bill to be presented by Isles MP

17 July 2017