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Two letters dated 31st May have been extolling the virtues of the Labour candidate for the Western Isles. I do not know the candidate, and until her nomination went in had never heard of her. I have however heard of the party she wishes to represent.


It is the party that in 2014 jumped into bed with the Tories to deny Scots a voice in their own affairs. It was the party which, during the Smith Commission, was willing to allow Scotland to have a say on its road signs, but nothing else.


It was the party that either voted against or abstained on every single amendment to the Scotland Bill. It is the party that has gone into partnership with Tories in councils right across Scotland rather than work with the SNP.


It is the party which has the gall to demand that the Scottish Government alleviates the misery heaped upon Scotland by a Tory government supported by the Red Tories on the opposition benches.


And even here in the islands we have so called independent councillors who suddenly find that they have common cause to keep SNP members out.


It is the party that puts party first and its MPs second, and its Scottish MPs will do what they are told. Labour had many many years to do something for the islands and for Scotland, but didn’t. They are unlikely to change now. Vote Labour? No way!


Ex Labour voter,

WA Johnston




Letter:  Labour are “Red Tories”

2 June 2017