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Pilot goose management scheme ended this year despite the havoc the wild fowl cause by trampling, soiling and devouring crops and grassland.

No longer just winter visitors, the Greylag resides on the islands all year, breeding prolifically in summer and competing with livestock for new growth of spring grass.


An estimated 10,000 Greylag geese populate the Uists.


Compounding the problem is the Barnacle goose which can cause even more damage.


On Tuesday SNH representatives will explain goose management policy in Scotland and the Hebrides at a public meeting in Balivanich Hall.


The event, organised by the Scottish Crofting Federation, starts at 7.30pm.


In attendance will be Eileen Stuart, SNH’s head of policy and David MacLennan, Outer Hebrides manager.


The meeting will be chaired by Patrick Krause, SCF chief executive.


A SCF spokesman said the event will also allow SNH hear views from local crofters on ways in which Greylag and Barnacle geese can be managed in the Uists.


He said: “It is hoped that a more collaborative and constructive approach can be put in place rather than the top down process from national level experienced in the past.”


Greylag geese in Iochdar

Public meeting over geese wrecking havoc on crofting land

20 November 2017

A public meeting is being held about the goose problem in Uist and Benbecula.