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At the times of election what politicians say and what they do after an election differs. Theresa May said that she would not call a snap election, that her Tory party would do their term. She changed her mind.


Labour pledged that if elected that they would support Trident but today it seems they’re changing their minds


So, when it comes to all politics I venture no one speaks the truth. And if they don’t speak the truth what do they utter but garbage.


It becomes a feeding frenzy for different types of media. Some still cling to the old type of Labour spin, character assignation be it nationwide or local politician.


Yet, all who stand for election are but human. None of them are driven snow. I suppose that living away from home there are many distractions and the ones that hope to take their place would fare no better.


One should also take note that one of the most forgiving community is North Uist. Despite their local councillors spearheading talk of a community buyout which the community didn’t want, they still elected one of the old bunch yet again.


I came across a quote that sums up most elections - “the devil’s greatest achievement was to convince the world that he does not exist.”


Angus A Macdonald,




Letter:  Politicians changing their minds

13 May 2017