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The election pledge by the Western Isles Labour candidate in the general election looks like someone playing a prank. The majority of the commitments were more akin to someone standing at a council election.


The only relevant Westminster pledge was that of a new inter-connector. Considering Labour ignored the call for a new cable during their 13 years in power it will never be a Labour priority.


The Labour proposal for improving transport links across these islands must be a joke. Our local Labour Party through their "independent" councillors were responsible for cancelling the inter island flights. It would be easier for the candidate just to talk to Labour's informal councillors.


The double tracking of roads is a council initiative supported by Holyrood. In the past, this type of upgrade was paid for through EU grants. Corbyn is committed to leaving the EU and, given the Conservative policy of austerity, new upgrades will not happen.

Letter:  “Playing a prank”

22 May 2017

We shouldn't forget that the candidate herself campaigned on a Labour manifesto promising similar austerity cuts in 2015 and was silent when her party's MPs supported the Tory austerity programme.


Looking at these pledges it is difficult to believe that someone who has supported austerity would have the cheek to oppose it when it suits them. Labour not only abandoned these islands, but Scotland as a whole and are now paying the consequences.


To offer pledges which are more relevant to a council than a national Government reflects the candidate's lack of knowledge and suggests that she would be unable to represent us at Westminster.


Archie Harper

27 Shulishader

Isle of Lewis