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The Harris born boss of Macdonald Hotels has made a significant donation to the Bethesda Hospice in Stornoway.


Donald Macdonald also presented plaques to mark the contributions made to the local community by three local men - the late Dr Neil Gilllies, Sandy Matheson, and D R Macdonald.


Dr Gillies plaque was presented to his widow Mairi C Gillies in recognition of his medical and spiritual contribution to island society.


Mr Matheson’s is for his services and ambassadorial support to the island.


Recently retired after working 18 years full time fundraiser and finance officer for Bethesda, DR Macdonald was thanked for his loyal and dedicated service.


Mr Macdonald last year stepped back from the day to day running of the group of 55 hotels and resorts in the UK, Ireland, Spain and Portugal.


He started the hotel chain in 1990 and has been a supporter of Bethesda for many years.




Plaques presented to island stalwarts

20 November 2017

DA Mr Maclean, D R Macdonald, Donald Macdonald, Mairi C Gillies, Christine Macdonald, Sandy Matheson, and Carol Sommerville, general manager of Bethesda.