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Underneath the new interiors and the paint makeovers in the Loganair/Flybe aircraft, lie the same cracks, the same repetition of technical failures that lead to a catalogue of delays and cancellations for weary stressed out passengers.


Despite promises that ‘things would improve’ nothing has changed. Only inept management would try and dress up technical failures in the form of new interiors

and a new paint livery, surely to goodness they didn’t think that would solve the problems ? That was, and still is the maim issue, I don’t think passengers would be bothered even if you painted the planes black with pink spots, as long as they were reliable.


I was on the end of a six hour delay yesterday due to ‘technical issues,’ an increase on my last five hour delay. The travelling public are fed up with this shambles, something has to drastically change within Loganair.


Ah well, who knows, when Loganair change the paint scheme to tartan, maybe the planes will then become more reliable?


Donald Morrison

7 Macallum Place



Letter:  Plane delay

1 February 2017