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I read with interest the letter suggesting that candidates feel they cannot tell us if they are members of an established political party lest it count against them. Are they ashamed of their party or scared of the electorate? I can't work out if it says more about the candidates or the broken promises by parties.

Can someone, member of a party or not, tell me if we would be better or worse off staying in Europe? And why?

I have a feeling that, if Westminster had the final say, we would still be travelling via Strathpeffer and Dingwall to Inverness, and on single track roads on the Island. I suspect that, post Brexit, fishermen won't be able to employ Europeans on their boats, crofting grants will disappear and European travel and educational opportunities for the young ones will go the way of the dinosaurs.


Answers in a letter please so that I can refer you back to them in 2020.

Steve Walker
North Bragar


Letter:  Party politics and Europe

7 April 2017