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A book borrowed in 1982 has finally made it back to Stornoway library.


Alastair McIntosh purchased an used copy of Father Allan’s Island - a historical account of life on Eriskay a century ago - on E-bay.


He spotted a Western Isles Libraries official mark inside and staff confirmed the book was down as long overdue.


The £374 fine for the 36 years missing years is being written off.


Mr McIntosh who sent it back to Stornoway said: “I hugely value the library’s collection and the helpfulness of its staff.


“Like many people, I rely on that oasis of learning in the heart of Stornoway for my research as a writer.


“I am therefore very glad to be able to see this copy returned.”


The book’s author Amy Murray was a young American musicologist who recorded village life in 1905 as it surrounded Fr. Allan McDonald, the renowned parish priest.



Overdue library book returns after 36 years

23 March 2018