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Specialist archaeologists are working to uncover the hidden secrets of an ancient chapel on Lewis.


An open day is being held on Saturday at the historic St Columba church in Point.


The mediaeval Scheduled Ancient Monument is one of the most important archaeological sites in Lewis.


The open day - between 10am and 4pm - will demonstrate the ground penetrating radar being used to try and identify what features have been lost for centuries.


Another device uses an electrical current being passed through the soil in a search for buried structures.


The chapel was dedicated to Celtic saint St Columba who is credited for bringing Christianity to Scotland.


The building, also called Eaglais Na h-Aoidhe, is of prime historical, archaeological and cultural significance.


The site includes historic inscribed grave slabs.


It is believed that no fewer than 19 members of the Macleods of Lewis clan are buried there.


One of the most significant carved grave slabs is of Roderick Macleod, 7th chief of his clan, who died in 1498.





Open day demonstrates survey techniques used to search for hidden secrets of ancient church

25 August 2017