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Part of North Uist is without broadband after the Connected Communities’ network was disconnected in the area.


People between Sollas, Strumore and Lochmaddy have been cut off from the HIE-led HebNet service despite being unable to connect to BT fibre broadband.


Some residents in North Uist had been promised connection to new superfast broadband as far back as February.


Western Isles SNP general election candidate, Angus Brendan MacNeil, urged BT and HIE.


Angus MacNeil said customers asked Heb.Net not to switch them off but were ignored.


He said he understood that one HebNet customer was quoted £400 to be reconnected.


Mr MacNeil said: “Once again we are seeing a very poor service from BT.

“It is very disappointing to hear that people have been disconnected from HebNet when they have no other option owing to the lack of action from BT.


“Some of the affected people in North Uist run businesses, being cut off from the internet is the last thing they need. I am also aware of a housebound resident who is upset at having no internet.


“There would appear to be a serious lack of communication between BT and HebNet and I am contacting them both to ask that they take immediate steps to rectify this situation.”


North Uist internet service cut off

9 May 2017